Residential interior

Depending on your requirements and needs we provide custom solutions in collaboration with architects and interior designers. In our hands various materials and structures are transformed into furniture, whose beauty and functionality will enrich your living space.

Business interior

We can satisfy diverse needs of our customers when equipping their offices, shops or other business interiors. We are proud of our many years of experience in creating furniture for private room and apartment renters, as well as our successful equipping of entire guesthouses and hotels.

The materials of construction

Melamine-faced chipboard
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Melamine-faced chipboard is the most affordable furniture material. The melamine-faced panel is coated in paint, decor or wood samples and is available either smooth or in several types of surface structures. We offer first-class chipboard produced by Austrian manufacturers Falco, Egger and FunderMax.

Medium density fibreboard (MDF)

Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is among the best furniture materials. As it arrives from the factory without previous surface treatment, it must be lacquered in order to become moisture-resistant. We lacquer and polish the material using colour tones from the RAL colour palette to achieve matte-lacquer or high-gloss MDF.

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Acrylic is a superb material and its high-glow is achieved with a thick layer of acrylic paint. As it is a new and innovative material, it is currently only available in a limited number of colours and decorations.

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Nothing better can be produced from wood than veneer. It is produced from the finest and most valuable timber trees. The fronts are veneered with sheets of solid wood whose thickness ranges from 0.6 to 2.5mm. They can be tinted or painted in RAL colours. We offer 80 types of veneer, including the exotic types.

Solid wood
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Solid wood gives your living space elegance and is superior to other materials. Wood has always played an important role as a (raw) material due to its various physical, technical, economic and especially aesthetic qualities. With a special brushing technique it is possible to achieve an old wood effect. As for other surface treatment, we offer tinting and lacquering in RAL colours – transparent or completely colourless, matt or gloss. We offer over 40 types of wood, and we usually work with fir, spruce, beech, oak, ash, lime, walnut, cherry, larch, teak, mahogany and wenge.


Glass is a unique material that gives furniture an aesthetic value and emphasizes the quality of design. Although glass has been known and used since ancient times, it remains an irreplaceable material in everyday life. We offer clear, frosted, patterned and coloured types of glass. We regularly quench glass to make it resistant to impacts, scratches and heat.

Stone veneer
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Stone veneer — various wood and stone veneer combinations offer unique possibilities of use. Stone veneer is a very innovative material, available in amazing colours and surfaces. We offer 12 types of stone veneer.


Stone is among the easiest to maintain materials. It is completely resistant to heat, moisture, scratches, impacts and chemicals. We offer stone worktops with a variety of edge profiles. It is also possible to make sinks and basins from the same material. We offer a wide selection of granite and marble.

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Getacore is a new composite material similar to Corian and Kerrock (by the German manufacturer Westal & Getalit). Visually, the material highly resembles stone and is available in 60 colours and textures. It is possible to build sinks and wash basins from the same material.

Compact worktops
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Compact worktops are made from an organic material very resistant to surface damage and prolonged exposure to moisture. They are produced by high-pressure moulding of HPLs which are then additionally protected. Compact worktops are available in over 500 colours and decorations and 30 surface structures.


A high-quality fitting guarantees durability and solidity of furniture. This is why we install top-notch fittings from Swiss, German and Austrian manufacturers. Apart from the classic connecting fittings we offer a wide selection of furniture equipment.

Decorative fittings

We offer a wide selection of decorative fittings by our trusted and renowned suppliers Schachermayer and Forest. We offer and install a TIP-ON mechanical opening support system as an alternative to classic handles, buttons and aluminium slats.

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Best-quality lighting will make your living space more pleasant and elegant. The lighting is installed under the wall cabinets or in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, cabinets and shelves. We offer halogen and LED lighting.

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